Nanolex Classic Car Detailing Training & Professional Detailing Team Carclean

Nanolex Detailing University - Carclean UkraineThis is the end of the fifth and final day of our training in the Detailing University. We’ve developed our skills, found out a lot of new information, and got Nanolex Certificates. Would like to thank everyone who participated in the organization of the training:

Florian Kasstler — thank you for the invitation and warm, friendly welcome. We highly appreciate our cooperation, and we hope to further our cooperation!

Mike Tsaltas — thank you for the knowledge and experience that you shared with us. We are happy to meet you and hope this was not the last our meeting!

Thank you to all detailers who came to Nanolex Classic Car Detailing Training for a warm, friendly atmosphere, the exchange of experience and knowledge! See you soon friends, we’ll definitely meet again!

Happy Detailing!

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